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What’s a hero image? 

Hero Shots are our premium quality service which includes everything that will make your product stand out and be displayed in the best light. Including Significantly higher resolution, extensive additional touch-up and cleaning .
If needed we do transparencies, wording, graphic design, manipulation, adding graphic elements like “logos, buttons, call to action things , company names etc.).
As a result Hero Image will stand out more and POP out in the crowd.

baner hero shoot 03 volutz.jpg

What extra touch-up will you perform?

Every object contain minor imperfections on itself which is not that visible with naked eye, but in the world of studio work those things are not desirable. Often, product prototypes and manufacturing samples contain minor defects not representative of the final product.
We go far beyond our standard service in correcting many manufacturing errors such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, scratches, small imperfections and much more.

baner hero shoot baseball light.jpg

When should I order hero shots over standard product photos? 

We recommend hero shots for use on the selling sites like: (Amazon, Shopify)marketplace as the primary image in your listing. We also recommend Hero Shots any time an image needs to be extremely high resolution or when it will receive intense scrutiny such as with product packaging or advertisements (social networks, web sites, splash screens, banners, promo material etc…).

baner hero shoot 02.jpg