Classic product photography

Our core service, ideal for E-commerce. Clean, crisp photos of your product, if appropriate - pure white background with grounding shadow or reflection. Each image is professionally shot and edited.

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Hero shots

What’s a hero shot? Hero Shots are our premium quality service which includes everything as other images but with significantly higher resolution, extensive additional touch-up, transparencies*if needed, cleaning, more complex lighting, image manipulation, tweaking etc…

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LIFE STYLE and Natural arrangements

What are lifestyle photos?  We combine props, textured surfaces, dramatic lighting, stock photography, or a mix of all, to create small customized settings with big visual impact. It can be an alternative to pure white backgrounds

Any limitations? Our lifestyle photos focus on small arrangements that can usually fit on a tabletop, anything that requires travel outside our studio, construction of large sets, or full-body models, is not available with this service, but we can simulate these more complex environments using stock photo compilations.
If you need large sets, models or shooting on location, we offering that service
for additional cost. *

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Hand modeling

An added touch. Great for showing products in use, demonstrating features, and giving a sense of scale, hand modeling can be added to any of our services above.will demonstrate your product while our photographers give direction.

In case you need full body images we cooperate with model agencies and we can hire a professional model for your project for additional cost. *

Add transparencies 

Transparencies adapt to different backgrounds. This service can be added to any white background photo, allowing your images to be used on a variety of backgrounds. We will manually traces the outer edge of your product to clip it from the native white background. This enables your images to blend with whatever background you decide to use.
It requires shooting preparation with light setup, sometimes its almost impossible to isolate object from taken photo without planing.

Delivery in PNG format. Each transparency is delivered as a transparent PNG file for easy use on most popular web and image editing platforms.

*This option is included in our hero shot service.

Amazon photography packages

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Infographic design

Highlight your product’s features. One of the top requests from our clients is Amazon infographic design. By photographing the important aspects of your product in detail, we can show your customers the best features of your product.

Each infographic comes with unique design that explains the details of your product with text, dimensions, arrows, measurements, and other design elements.

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Stock photo compilations

We can combine professional photos of your product that we shoot in our studio with high-quality licensed stock photography. It’s a great way to show your product in a wide variety of settings without the high cost of going on location or constructing elaborate sets.